Welcome to Ye Olde Zoomer.

Finding value in age.

Ye Olde Zoomer is for my love of all things old-school.

In this blog, I talk about watches, life and everything in between. Beyond the material objects and all the little knick-knacks I try my best to share the perspective of a Generation Z kid who mainly grew up around Millennials and Gen X-ers. Join me as I try to find my niche in this ever-changing community.

Latest from the Blog

Aviation and Automation.

With changing tides come new frontiers. What does this mean for the future of pilots and aviation? We live in strange times. With everything that is going on in the world right now, many industries are being transformed. It is seemingly a perpetual process as we see more and more companies jump in the trend of operating with…

Knocked Down but Not Knocked Out.

Leaning into the fall instead of fighting it. Judo has got to be one of my favorite combat sports of all time, if not the favorite. I wouldn’t call myself an expert though. I’d honestly say I have limited knowledge on it, especially compared to a lot of practitioners out there. Heck,I don’t even practice…

Timeless Timepieces

Timepieces have long been an important tool in society. It’s one of the few existing devices that have been instrumental to the early breakthroughs of modern civilization (what with Marine chronometers, pocket-watches and all that) and are tools that are continually used to this day. Nowadays, the modern watch comes in many…

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